Market your book

Market your book

Market your book - Book as industrial product, science product, and intellectual product, needs to market to get support from the society. This is very important because from there we will get money to develop knowledge and science. Without this, our culture and society never change from bad to the best hope.

Our book needs marketing to share our thinking and knowledge become enlightenment to human and society. Publisher and author should cooperate to market their books. Every effort must conduct to market it. Publisher need marketing to get money for develops their business. Author needs marketing to spread their idea in the book and making feedback about book.

Author has many efforts to promote author's book. Author relationship with many peoples will increase book selling. Sometimes, author can promote book in talk show. They can promote in the class of school, seminar, lecture, etc. This is can influence customer to see and buy their book.

Publisher can promote their book in website, radio, television, flyer, brochure and other kinds of promotional tools. Publisher has some trick to sale book like direct selling or sale to bookstore. Business cooperation with other side is very support in selling of the book. Sponsorships can increase selling of book to. Other way is book fair in the city. Usually, publisher association has book fair calendar in the various cities. This is very good to increase book selling. Publisher, author, and customer can meet in one location to create business transaction or social transaction to create other good idea.

This event is very good to combat book hijacking. Every side has same opportunity to promote them selves. Author can promote self as good author. Publisher of course can promote every product in right situation and right customer. Society will get best enlightenment and information from that event. Book fair always has multiplier effects to every side of business. Every effort can conduct to increase book selling.


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